View Full Version : Can't boot to see c: drive. Please help.

I have hp zx5000 lap top. 2 gig of ram. XP os

- can't boot into c: or win
- No Beeps
- can't get into Safe mode

The only thing I can get into is the Bios. From there I was able to run HD diagnostics (residing in Bios) that said my HD was OK.

I re-seated the Ram, but no luck.

I created a start up disk, but that didn't work.

Please help

1) EXACTLY what happens when you boot the system?

2) What is new or different since the last time everything worked properly (ie, new hw, new sw, virus, error, etc)?

Is your Hard Drive seated correctly with the IDE cable? Is the drive recognized in Bios.. if it is select the boot option to boot to the HDD first.

When I boot, it goes to a HP splash screen, and then to a blank screen. No beeps. From the HP splash screen, I can hit F10 and get into the Bios. From the Bios, I can I see the HDD. I am able to test the HDD, and it tests good. I also see the Ram. The HDD is first in boot order, but it still doesn't boot.

Nothing is new or different since the last time it worked properly. Do you think the CPU is toast?


From the description you provided, it looks like your OS got corrupted. Our first step is to boot either from a XP CD or from a XP Recovery Console CD and run some repair commands.

If you got a HP OEM XP CD with your laptop you can use that. If you don't have a XP CD, you can use a "Recovery Console CD" instead. Follow the instructions in the below link to create a XP recovery console CD.