View Full Version : BSOD can't boot, Need help please!

Mark C.Smith
Hello I am helping a friend with their computer, The Laptop will not boot other than into BSOD with this error showing
File: \Windows\system32\Drivers\aswRvrt.sys
Error Code: 0xc000007b

I have tried:
system restore: not working
system recovery: not working
Windows recovery disk: not working
Safe mode: not working
startup repair: not working
linux mint disk: works
have recovered the data with linux mint

computer came with OEM and no windows activation code

Thank you

See if this thread helps: https://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=120531.0

Hello Allan, Thank you for your reply, that thread leads to black screen with cursor showing, my problem is with the computer booting straight to BSOD nothing else.

Are you saying as soon as you boot you get a blue screen? At precisely what point? And how did you try system restore?

And you say you tried a "system recovery disk" - is that something supplied by your computer manufacturer? If so, EXACTLY what happens when you boot to it?

I boot the system and see the windows orb logo then get a blue screen,
I boot the system and press ESC to get the boot menu, then press F11 to get to System Recovery menu, I have chosen to try Recovery, System Restore and from DVD all options restart the computer to BSOD

I tried the system recovery disk I had created from my own system but no its not from the Manufacture of the same system I am working with, does that make a difference? I am still new to Windows 8, but pretty well know my way around computers and this is one weird issue going on here, That I have never had to deal with before.