View Full Version : Windows 8.1 "Low memory" warnings and Firefox crashes

MSI GP70-2OD connected to Pioneer VSX-820/LG 55LM6700 via HDMI
1TB hybrid HD with 2+ partions (C: 338 GB free, D:285 GB free)
Windows 8.1 with all current updates (GWX "patch" removed)
Intel HD4600
FF 39.0 with Adblock Plus, IE tab 2, LastPass, YouTube HD, Better Privacy and about:addons-memory addons installed and active
Windows Defender
Malwarebytes Premium active

Since I stupidily "upgraded" to 8.1 (which should actually be called 9 since it includes MAJOR revisions but I digress) I've had more than a few issues. I also had the yourtv.link infestation which Malwarebytes support was able to resolve.

So, almost every day after the computer has been idle for more than an hour (I have not tried to determine a specific amount of time) and I turn my monitor back on there will be a message saying that Windows is low on memory and that I should close programs. Usually Firefox is listed as the victim.

Just an update, I discovered one more symptom: after returing to the computer after a period of time and turning the monitor back on, not only is the low memory warning there but whatever window was on top will now be full screen, not maximized, just expanded to fullscreen (where you have to drag a corner down to resize). I don't know if it will help diag the issue but that's just one more thing to add to the frustration of my lovely Win 8.1 "upgrade".

Secondly (OT rant), I think I'll pass on Windows 10 after all. I've worked with companies in the past that mandated software updates and upgrades and I have never, not ever, seen it benefit the user/administsrator experience. If it ain't broke, don't fix it is my best practice. As a matter of fact, I have an older dual core running Win7 and I may wipe this one and go back until obsolecent.

If your browser crashes many time then try to open few tabs once. You can check memory consumption in task bar. Firefox consumed lot of memory so open few tabs if you have limited memory