View Full Version : "required drive partition is missing" for windows 8 wipe

Why were you " planning to wipe my computer for a while" ??

Was this because of problems with the day to day running...?

Give me a story about what has happened leading up to this.....

Today I got a pop up from my ASUS laptop(bought 2 years ago) that said to the effect of, my hard drive is broken. I had been planning to wipe my computer for a while so I started the process. When it got just past the screen to click if i wanted to refresh or wipe my hard drive(i chose the wipe) it said that a "required drive partition is missing" so I cannot wipe it. My computer cannot access internet because of some problem that started today and my windows 8 came already on my ASUS laptop so I cannot redownload it. What should I do?

It started about last year with having malware problems. I did get a main issue fixed by using this site. Now for the past I'd say 6 or so months even, I've been getting the blue screen of death maybe every other day with the "kernal Inpage data error". And also I wanted to wipe it just to get rid of old junk and hopefully get it to work better then. I was basically one day too late on wiping it cause my guess is if i did it two days ago, before it said my hard drive is broken, the wipe could've happened.

You would get the error of Partition missing if the Reset partition was no longer available. You can download Windows 8.1 for free from Microsoft and do a clean install but you would need to backup any data on your computer first. Any programs you downloaded and installed since purchase would have to be reinstalled and you would no longer have the OEM software that was included with your computer. Do you use Microsoft Office on this computer?

I've already backed up all my files to an external harddrive and no I don't use Microsoft Office. What is the OEM software?