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So some people I've talked to bring up the battle system in this game. Is it really as cool as people say it is, or is it just sort of ok? From what I've heard the FF XIII battle system is really mixed if you like it or not, idk if it's the same for this game as well considering it seems to be a mix of real time and turn base, which sounds like it could be fun.

Eternal Sonata's battle system is both action and turn-based. Action in the sense that you move your character around the battle field and execute attacks and specials. Turn-based in the sense that you only have a set amount of time to perform the actions until the next character or enemy has their turn. I found it to be quite good, but others will disagree.

that actually sounds pretty interesting. I've read that the game's rather easy, idk how true that is, but the battle system seems like it'll be able to hold my attention.

It's an interesting battle system, I'll give it that. It just gets a bit old over the course of the game. You get (if I remember correctly) five seconds of time per character per turn to move around or attack. Each attack adds a 'hit' to your hit meter, up to a total of 32. You can spend these at any time on special moves which can also be linked together, and the more hits you've accumulated, the more damage they'll do (or the more healing they'll do in the case of defensive moves). Patches of the battlefield are lit up or shadowed, and your special moves vary depending on where you're at. Same goes for enemies, and some enemies will even change form entirely depending on whether they sit in light or dark at any given time. The only real problem with the battles is that they all feel the same, and the special moves are essentially the same as one another except for animation. Characters also have the incessant need to state which move they're performing, too, which becomes annoying. Still, battles are the best part of Eternal Sonata by far (which I'll admit isn't saying much given the quality of everything but the graphics).

The only real flaw about Eternal Sonata's battle system is for me that later on you get a attacking system that is just too strong. Even the bosses get simply blown away, it's totally unbalanced. The idea itself is pretty good though. About DJs comment: It's not more generic than most JRPG battle systems, unless you compare it to non-RPG action games such as Devil May Cry or God Of War I don't think you'll find it too repetitive.