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My friend and I were up late last night discussing various things you could do with portals (from Portal) if they were real. Like, portal traps... where you shoot a portal infront of someone's bedroom door and then shoot another portal at the side of a tall building so that when they go to open the door to their bedroom they just fall through the portal and end up falling from the top of a building. But that's not what I want to talk about, I asked the question "what would happen if you shot a portal at your stomach, then shot a portal at the ground and fall through it?" We discussed this scenario for about an hour and couldn't agree on what would happen, so I'm interested in what you people at Gamespot think. So...

What would happen if you shot a blue portal at your stomach and then shot an orange portal at the ground then jumped through the orange portal?

Thats somewhat of a paradoxical scenario.my guess is that you would go through to a point where you got stuck. As your hips are wider than the surface area of your stomach.

You would get stuck and would probably die in a few minutes

wouldnt work, you can only put portals on white surfaces :P lol