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what do you guys think is the best Need for Speed game?
i like Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit II for GC and PS2. I had the Gamecube version and i personally like this one best because its more of an arcade type version aside from the other Need for Speeds. Just pick a car, choose a color, and start a race. You don't have a"free roam" type mode anddon't worry about editing all the details of your car just to get the "perfect" setup. Also you can choose to have up to seven opponent racers in single player rather than justthree. I really like the enviroment settings too. Rather than racing in citys and towns, you race in more "natural" areas.

And i'm not sure if this is exactly true or not, but as far as i seen, this is the only NFS with cops to where if you have thethem turned on in single player races, the copsactually chase your opponents too and not just you and are able to bust them if they "catch" themand knock them out of the race.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit by a massive landslide. Criterion can do no wrong.

Yes Hot Persuit is excellent,And the 3DO IMHO had the best Need for Speed.

I really didn't get what was so special about the new Hot Pursuit, I hated it. My personal favourite is Most Wanted.