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So I've been getting back into using my N64 (still love that old thing :3), but its controllers have seen better days. My gray controller's analog stick has completely fallen off, and my yellow controller's stick is very loose, almost to the point of being unusable. Anybody here know an inexpensive way to fix the yellow controller's stick? Also I'm thinking of buying a second controller to replace my gray one, but few places still sell N64 controllers. I looked on Amazon, and they seem to sell new controllers made by Komodo, but the reviews claim they're really junky. And most of the used ones are surprisingly expensive. :/ Anyone know of other places to buy N64 controllers? I'd like to know a few more places selling them so I can shop around. Thanks for your time peeps. :]

eBay is a great place to look. Not sure about gray ones, but I've gotten a red one with the Rumble Pak for only $13.50, and a green one (no rumble Pak) for $12.

You can buy a replacement analog stick HEREthat claims to be a new improved design that's similar to the gamecube stick.
I wan't to get one of these at some point for my transparent blue controller (the one that matches the console)
Compare the eBay one with the ball and socket like design

Hmmm, looks like Ebay has some good stuff. I'd need a paypal account to use it though. :[ I'm looking through google for fixing loose sticks, but apparently the onyl good fix is to replace the stick with a new one, and those are more expensive than new controllers on Ebay, so meh. :\ EDIT: actually, it looks like Amazon also has that very same replacement analog stick you posted, Nismology. And it's a good price too. :3 Now I wish I didn't discard the gray one or I could have fixed both XD

well you can fix the analog stick easily if you know how to open the controller and if the board can come out cause on some constrollers i dont think the board is removable but on the grey one , it should , theres 2 screws you have to un screw once inside the cotnroller and un hook the plug connecting joystick to controller put new stick in , and plug it back in and then put 2 or 3 small screws back in place then re screw the frame of the controller should not be to hard , i actually had to take the chip from a grey controller and put it to a green frame , cause i liked the green one and the green ones cord was cut so ya , got it working that way -basically took the cpu from the grey and put it on the green it has a grey ending but the top is green lol