View Full Version : Saints Row Presents: Kings of Kings (Game Idea)

Basically, you will be playing as a another, yet different, fully customizable Protagonist. only this time you are a high ranking Vice King, and its the 1970s, when the Vice Kings were lead by Benjamin King with Julius Little as a trusted member. In this game you will help defeat Los Carnales which control most of Stilwater and help the Vice Kings bring order to the streets.....but not all things go to plan, and you will eventually have to choose between money and respect.

Though Los Carnales is the only gang antagonist, there will be many side missions as well that don't affect the main storyline.

This game will include many things from both Saints Row 2 and Saints Row The Third, including a very detailed character creator.

It will also feature many 1970s era vehicles and music.

I also think perhaps they should remake Saints Row 1 with same storyline but more features, including the ability to play as a female and better contr

I like the idea of everything except Stillwater. The one thing Saint's Row is desperately in need of is a new location

1970s Stilwater was probably a lot different than....whenever the f*ck Saints Row took place Stilwater.

I liked the first SR a but more than SR 2. But none of the rest. In fact, I didn't buy SR3/4, but played for some hours to try them out and didn't like it.
I could see SR series as a better option for the current, boring lot of GTA's, but only if they go back to the roots with good balance between realism and fun. I often thought the developers had more interesting things to offer in SR1/2 that still put GTA's to shame.
I don't know whether there is any hope left to see the series return the way I want, but I would be greatly interested even if they brought the first and second Saints Row as a remaster for PC with further improvements in core areas of driving, shooting, and performance.

It would feel weird without MCD though.