View Full Version : Does anybody else feel like games are doing it for them less and less

Don't get me wrong--I'm not here to whine that "video games suck". Quite the opposite, I know they don't. I have a few games I still play and enjoy, but they just don't seem to reel me in like they used to. I wouldn't say I'm burned out, either. It's been a while, due to school and work, since I've even really had a substantial amount of playtime. But when I do sit down to play, I usually put it down after an hour or less, or my mind wanders while I'm playing something, even if it's supposed to be a really engrossing game. Could just be me. Discuss.

I get what you mean, and I think it's a good thing. As we grow older some of us start realizing that video games aren't everything and that there's more to life than just video games compared to when we are kids.

I still play a lot, but my hours are definitely going down as the years go by.

Lol I went from 5 hours of gaming to 1 hour of gaming the majority of the time.

Oh yeah man I've been there many times. After an hour or so of playing i say to myself should i keep playing or stop?...i know i used to play a lot when i was younger compared to now. For example when i used to play gta sa on the Ps2 and some other games i remember i would just play non-stop. Now in days it's like meh..An hour is enough.

Meh. I find my interest in games tends to sway. Sometimes I'll go for months and rarely fire up my XB1, PS3, 360 etc and other times I'll play them for days. However there are very few games now that I find interesting enough to play through multiple times.

Maybe once, but it has to really draw me in to play again.