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I know, this probably doesn't belong in the online section, but I know it will get the most views here and I'm looking for as much input and discussion as possible as this is an interesting subject.

Cartridge gaming. Lets face it, CDs/DVDs/Blu Rays have reached their limit. Take GTA V for example. You think the original game disk could hold the game plus all the massive updates we've had since Oct 2013? Nope. Battlefield 4 is another good example. You can buy premium, but those MASSIVE map packs would never fit on the disk, hence why it's a seprate download.

So I'm sitting here looking at this 64GB SD card in my hand. The thing is no bigger than my finger mail, and yet it has an incredible ammount of raw storage space that blows away the old N64 cartridges from back in the day. Obviously, technology involving mass storage and gaming in general is leaps and bounds ahead of what it was 10-15 years ago. Hell, I can download GTA San Andreas and play it on my phone, something that once required a console, CD, and a TV, and those good ole fashioned red/white/yellow AV cords.

Do you think we will ever see a return to cartridge gaming considering the technology is more than ready and available, and if so, why or why not? I also want to being up the fact that the gaming cartridge of yesteryear was so more physically resilient than the CDs we all know and hate (scratches ruin a $60 game)

Probably not, everything will probably just be downloadable to the console/pc (when internet is eventually unlimited worldwide). But who knows!

That certainly seems to be the way it's going. Nothing wrong with that, but perhaps companies like M$ and Sony would prefer cartridge gaming, as all the downloads and updates probably take a toll on servers, especially during the holidays.

Commercially, I don't think it will happen.

Download games are the best way of making max and I think that'll be the future. I dislike it because I am a tight git and if I don't like a game I sell it as quick as possible to recoup some costs, which you can't do with download.

That being said I have bought GTA on download as I knew I'd never sell it (if I did it would be worth nothing it'll be that far in the future.)