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I currently own 2 ps3 systems, I am thinking its time to upgrade so i am i looking at the Xbox1 and the Ps4,
When i do decide which way to go i will be buying two consoles, as my wife enjoys playing with me and the crew, so we play a lot at the same time

1 I know i can currently buy digital downloads on the ps3 and install that game on both machines, saving me the cost of a second game, IS this possible on the new systems

Being able to make one purchase when buying a game and being able to play it on both machines is a big plus for me..since the upgrade cost is going to wipe out the bigger end of a 1000.00 bucks (2 consoles)

Get the PS4 buddy,

You can game share with up to one person so as your asking it enables u to buy one digital download game (GTA) and share it with another player/person. It is what I do with a friend and it means we just pay half the cost of each title that is released.

PS4 is also more aimed at gamers whereas XB1 is being billed more of a home entertainment system. It means and has been proven if u search online that the PS4 has better graphics than the XB1. I was in the same position as u and after doing some research I went with the PS4 and I'm thoroughly happy with my choice.

The PS4 controller is such a major upgrade from the PS3 design and its now great for FPS games, something it wasn't as great at previously. The touchpad on the controller is a really cool function and most game makers are implementing it into their titles. GTA for instance, just hold down the touch screen to open the interaction menu, swipe left or right when in a vehicle to switch weapons and while your aiming a weapon u can swipe up to throw a quick grenade/sticky.

I could carry on and on about the PS4 and why it's the superior console for gamers but ill let u do some searching on the internet and make the choice yourself.

Do you like ps4 or xbox one exclusive games more?

Xbox One should come good shortly. New operating system due in August.

There's really nothing to choose between Xbox One and PS4. Xbox One has a better controller.

As an owner of an Xbox One, I would say that PS4 may be a better choice. Don't get me wrong, I love my Xbox One and wouldn't trade it in for a PS4 ever, reason being because we have Halo and the Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment now, plus the controller is better for me because I have large hands. However, Sony has secured the rights to 1 month early DLC for Call of Duty, and also has more content for games like Destiny. It really comes down to what you want as a console gamer.