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Commandos series are the best real-time tactics games featuring Jack O'hara (The Green Beret) and his team against the nazis in the WW2.
Who knows this game ?

Loved the series when I was still in high school (last time I played them). The only real-time tactics games I've ever played along with the awesome first Desperados (which was like Commandos, but in the wild west. The sequel sucked)

Yeah, Desperados also was cool, but i loved the team of commandos especially the green beret with his knife and his cigarettes pack.

Never thought to see the day someone will create a topic on GTA F for this classic.
I have been playing since release, and honestly, no other game are as great as this.
Desperados and Robin Hood, The legend of Sherwood are the only two games I can think, but never liked them as much as Commandos, particularly Commandos 2 which is my most favorite of the series!

There's also Commandos 2: Destination Paris Mod which is equally awesome and a new update is in progress for release any time soon.
Speaking of C2, you have so much freedom to play using the diverse team with unique strengths and abilities to sneak through the patrols, in meeting the several challenging objectives with literally so many ways to play through. I liked the details and the variety seen in the maps, felt so open ended and big.
Truly a gem.