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I want to get into app development but I have 0 experience so I your help. First of all, which programmes should I use for coding, for the pictures and the overall look? Second, how can I bring my app to AppStore? And third, I don't want to have any expenses.

Thank you!

First, when you say you want to get into app development what are you looking to make, games or something else?
Second, what platform are you looking to program for? iOS, Android, Windows 8, OS X?
Then, based on the above will influence what language and tools you need to use. You are also going to need some skill with an image editor.

When you have answer to the first two questions do some goolgeing and then get back to me.

I’m looking to make some simple games because they’re obviously very addictive (flappy bird). And I want to publish the app to iOS.

So the first thing your going to need to is download Xcode from the mac app store, then your going to have to learn to program in Objective-C. You can find resources simply by doing a google search. Also head over to developer.apple.com and create an account. I think you can look at the documentation for free there.

A faster way to do this would be to buy a template (google iOS template for X) and then buy it, download it, and then your off to the races. This route does cost money, but save you a lot of time.