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Hi, I downloaded thisusu's jrt and scanned. while scanning, it usually scans and remove the PUPs and malware. I recently tried duckduckgo browser, and searching instead of google search engine, which is storing all the private information. But, after scan, this search engine was removed by JRT. As I downloaded most programs from Bleeping computers, I raise this query.
It seems that thisusu only recognizes the ie,firefox and chrome browsers and removes any other browsers. Of course, the duckduckgo, does not have a separate browser but I think it is a harmless browser, unlike Babylon , incredible , or mysearch browser hijacks. Would any one throw light on it. I do not know how to write in thisusu.org.

Hi, I wish to add that the author of the tool has conveyed to improve this in his next version. But i have now a doubt, How to limit the browser of this tool to check the browser. I had the experience of having unwanted browser hijacks, from many of the injected browsers from downloads from different site, including cnet, (even if i select custom installation)
I normally use this tool to remove unwanted PUPs. I do not want thisusu.org to allow the search engine, which they actually do not have like duckduckgo. They occupy a place in the search browser either in ie, ff and chrome as i have already mentioned. What i want to know, whether this search engine is also a kind of PUP or not. that is the crux of the matter. If i say that inclusion of this kind of behaviour, then browser hijackers which are controlled by this wonderful program would attempt to enter thro the exception of so such browsers. I do not know, how thisusu sends a mail to me instead of writing in this forum. This will help many.

DuckDuckGo isn't a PUP. It's a legitimate search engine axed on privacy and anonymity and often suggested as an alternative to Google. If thisisu already replied to your question here, then you should ask him your other questions directly via PM http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png

I do not want to PM anybody. I think that this is a forum that deals even with the software downloaded from its site. I do not either suspect duckduckgo. If i say that this may be allowed in his next version. Then other who supposed to have suspicious browser, but say it is not so, could also apply the same logic.
I think that if i air something, some may notice and answer in this forum and not to pm me. I am a user of this product and hence my query on this. Now everybody is having clear idea of my query. My second reply to the question clearly clarifies it

Your issue is for the developer to address, not forum members of staff. As such I have notified thisisu with a link to this topic.