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Don't know if post this here or on the Windows 7 forum, anyway...
I uninstalled Avast Antivirus on my W7 PC but I still have the following directories:

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These looks like manifest files and folders from the Windows store (WinSxS folder), I imagine that you can safely delete them if avast! isn't installed anymore on the system. However, avast! have a tool called avastclear.exe which can be used to clean the remnants of avast! after an installation, or uninstall it if you cannot uninstall it correctly via the Control Panel. So I suggest you to give this tool and the instructions that comes with it a try first.

Anti-virus software components insert themselves deep into the operating systems core where they install kernel mode drivers (http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/2008/01/understanding-user-and-kernel-mode.html) that load at boot-up and create files/folders/registry entries in various locations. It is not uncommon for some anti-virus programs to not completely uninstall itself using the usual method of Programs and Features or Add/Remove Programs due to the presence of related services and processes running in the background. Most anti-virus vendors provide clean-up utilities or removal tools as noted by Aura.

These tools are used to remove remnants left behind after uninstalling, or for a failed uninstall or failed reinstall. Remnants include related registry entries, files and folders created in various areas of the OS.

Thanks for replying.

Ahm... that tool seems to be to uninstall Avast, I already did that.

This tool will also clean up the remnants left behind by avast! so I would still give it a go.

Also if the files are still there after, let me know and I'll instruct you on what to do next.