View Full Version : Has anyone tried Viber out?

Its like their pay on use for international calls but it's been getting out of hand with the d/c's and me being charged a minute or two more than what I use it for. Anyone have the same problem?

Where are you calling from and where to?

Hey @technocrat1 can you tell me more about this Globall Call app?
Iíve been always using Skype myself and is looking for another app. I agree Skype call quality is sometimes just too poor :/

I totally understand your problem .I am a Skype loyalist who switched to Viber Out but the low call quality coupled with high calling rates was sadly disappointing. That’s when a colleague of mine suggested I try an application named Global Call .I was in for a pleasant surprise since the call quality was very good and the call rates were much cheaper than Viber ,Skype or any other VoIP based application I have used so far. Guess it’s time we switched from apps with all those advertising gimmicks to simpler and value for money for less popular apps.

@janneybrainy Just type global call on the search toolbar of Google Play. The first app which shows up with a pink logo is the right app. I just checked the unit call rates its 0.14 USD/min to Japan and 0.12 USD/min to the Philippines. They also run many promotions on their Facebook page where you can get free credits.

@ Silverborgxx I agree the call quality of Skype is very disappointing considering the high unit rates they charge. I must also add this new app Global Call doesn’t charge me for dropped calls which last less than 6 seconds. The call quality is also very good. I suggest you check it out.

I just thought I should keep you informed about a good Global Call promotion update which I got on FB. Its like you can double the credits you purchase by entering your id here http://www.globalcall-1plus1.com .I thought of purchasing $50 credits and making it $100 but looks like the offer is only for new users.You may wanna check it out.