View Full Version : ComboFix Freeze After System Reboot

hi all.

i am having a windows xp sp3 professional, and it started to crash daily even without running any program, i ran anti-malwarebytes and it returned no malware, so i ran Avast a full scan on computer, and it also didnt found anything, so i ran now combofix and it got a system infection, and it told me that it needs to restart my system, so it rebooted the PC, and i got the log-in i entered the password, and then combofix window came up and just blinking _

now there is no desktop just a window from combofix with a blinking line, what should i do?

its like this for an hour already

anyone can help?

hi guys, ok i think i am ok now, i did a hard restart
then booted into windows normal, and everything was OK

so i launched another time combofix to make sure everything is ok now, and it finished i got back the results, and everything seems OK now, without any problems, so i guess its fixed for now, unless i will get another crash.

thank you all guys for your time, i really appreciate that.

Glad to hear you resolved your issue.

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