View Full Version : The future of performance marketing apps

I am a marketer myself. Building the largest online insurance player in Romania through growth-hacking, CRO and viral marketing I've understood that marketing will be no more marketing.
It will be for sure a cross between creativity, technology and data-insights. And to be able to do it properly, of course you will need proper tools. Amazon is building many tools with his huge coding teams. Enterprise players are using strong enterprise solutions that we'll satisfy their needs.
But, what about the mass of small-medium players that we'll wake up that they will need segmentation, AB testing, marketing software and other important tools?
I'm beting on a tool that reunites all of these features under the same platform. I think there will be only 2 alternatives for the marketers of SMB's:
- either working with 5+ different apps and paying a lot for integrations and unifying the variables
- either working with a single marketing tool that covers most of their needs. Option number 2 will be for sure the one that most of them are going to choose.
For the future marketers we're building a CRO tool. They've said CRO is what SEO used to be in 2005. And it tends to be true. But, remember, what kind of tools you were using to do SEO back in 2005? You've had PR checking tools, backlink monitoring tools, position monitoring tools, etc. Now you have Majestic SEO and Moz. And lots of other small tools.

For this matter, we are building an unifying platform for conversion rate optimization. A tool that allows you to do an advanced segmentation and gain insights from surveys triggered at specific actions of the user. A tool that allows you to do AB testing and continue to be persuasive through real-time triggering interactions. And other things that we'll help the marketers of the future to have a single login platform that they can count on. What would you choose?