View Full Version : Quick Survey

Name your top five favorite applications (from most to least favorable) along with a general reason for their use case

Optional: Name at least two applications your friends/family use along with a general reason (if aware) for their use case

Name your most desired application that you do not currently own along with a general explanation why you wish to purchase it

Instagram – Pictures
Twitter – Social
Tumblr – People who understand me
American Express – Banking on the move
Numbers – access spreadsheets on the Mac/iPad/iPhone

Whatsapp and Facebook (obvious reasons)

Id like to see what Microsoft office Suite will be like on the iPad.

Spotify- Music
Tiny Tower- I like simulation and managment games
Free Music Downloader Pro- For times when there is no connection for Spotify (Free user)
Tumblr- Emotional Outlet
Smule Magic Piano- I like “playing” the piano

Instagram and Words With Friends- The first for pictures and socializing. Latter because I have super competitive nerds for friends =).

Most desired app would have to be the V.I.P package for Smule Sing because you can access more songs and features.

Chrome Beta- favourite browser by far
Twitter- love Twitter
FB Messenger- group chats with a nice UI
Snapchat (sorry)- hilarious
Google Play Music- love music
Trigger (cheating) becuase itís so useful

Family mostly use Messenger and Play Movies/Music.