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I have a desk top PC with Windows XP SP3 and use IE 8. When I clicked on Tools> Internet Options.>General Tab>Browsing History>Settings and then View Objects I found there were 17 entries with one dating back to 2005. Some entries are associated with programs that have long since been removed. Of the 17 files listed 10 were shown as "Installed" in the Status column while 6 were shown as"Damaged" and 1 as "Unknown".
Some of the "Damaged " files have either "none" in terms of size or "none" shown as a creation date.
Can anyone tell me whether or not it is safe to delete these entries?
I would appreciate any advice
Thank you.

Hi -
Have you attempted to go - Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup ?? Wait while it loads (can take a few minutes)

Tick the boxes in there and click OK > OK - This removes many older built up files

Now run Defrag (also in the same area System Tools) and see if many are removed -

G'Day and thanks for the reply.

As suggested, I ran Disc Cleanup then Defrag. I then dowloaded and ran CCleaner. However, these files are still in the Downloaded Programs folder.

When I open Internet Explorer 8 and click on Tools / Internet Options / Browsing History Settings / View Object then right click on each entry I note there is a Delete option displayed. Presumably I can manually delete each entry using this process. However, before doing so my issue is, should I be deleting any of theses files, even the "Damaged" ones.

It appears that each file in this folder is an Active -X Control. I am reluctant to delete Activ-X controls without knowing if there are likely to be any serious consequences.

Maybe I am being too cautious and should just go for it.

List the detail reflected for the files in question, please.

Hi Louis
I tried to copy and paste the info in this reply but the process wouldn't work for me so I did a screen shot instead. I hope the information transmits OK..
Thank you for your interest.