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My snipping tool quit working. It did this several weeks ago, but then it started working again. When I open it after several seconds a dialog opens saying that the snipping tool is not working... If the problem persists contact your administrator. But I am the administrator and I don't have the answer.

Windows 7 Professional SP1

Try uninstalling and re-installing the tool. In the Control Panel - Programs & Features, click "Turn Windows Features on and off. " A menu box will open. Remove the check next to Tablet PC Components. Restart the computer, and reverse the process by adding the check back.

Do you have Windows Office installed on this computer?

I am re-awakening this post for two reasons.
One, there was no resolution and I was remiss in letting this drag out so long without the resolution. What will others coming along learn from an unfinished post?
Two, I need the snipping tool to work. I don't need it often, but when I do, I really do.

I tried the steps that K6567 suggested. No good.

Arachibutyrophbia asked if I had Microsoft Office installed. The answer is yes. I have Office 2007 Professional installed.

What's next?