View Full Version : Folder keeps appearing on my desktop

Hello. I have a strange thing happening every so often....
About a week ago (or so) I copied some songs ( A CD recording from a band I played in) to a folder on my desktop so that I could put these songs in my phone.

Every once in a while, the folder appears magically on my desktop. It usually happens if I am backing up or copying files from a CD or sometimes when I am watching a DVD on my PC. Any ideas? Has this ever happened to anyone? I am stumped. I have worked on computers for a long time and I have never seen anything like this. The weird thing is that I put the file (after I put it in my phone via Samsung New PC Studio) in the My Music folder.

I have to admit I have not seen this happen before, but there has to be a reason this is happening.

I am a bit confused though, are you deleting this folder and sending it to the recycle bin?

Are you also emptying the recycle bin once the folder has been moved to it?

When this folder appears on your desktop, does it still contain the music files you originally had in it?

Something like this has happened to me before...

Does it happen when you connect your phone back to your computer?

That was the problem for me... my phone tried to be smart and replace the removed folder because it must of thought it was a "accident" or something, or it needed to do that to keep the songs on the phone... not sure.