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The SSD eject icon located in the lower right taskbar is not always easily used on this particular computer...sometimes when you hover over the icon, the associated text is hidden behind the bar itself.

As a secondary option I've used the eject by right clicking on the device's name in Explorer and herein lies my question. When I click on the right click word eject I do not get a bubble response saying that the SSD may now be removed as is the case when clicking on the eject icon on the taskbar--which is okay. However, what is not okay is that the SSD's light stays on after clicking eject on the right click menu. The light stays on even though the device has disappeared from Explorer (which tells me the device has been disconnected).

Can someone confirm that it is okay to remove the device even though the SSD light is still on?

If you click the icon in the bottom right (Safely Remove Devices, or something to that effect) to disconnect the drive and you don't recieve and error message and the drive no longer appears in My Computer then it is alright to remove the device.

In my experience, the light indicates that the device is still in use.

I have to agree with dc3, if the device is properly ejected, its source of power is turned off and the device can safely be removed.

I believe there might be a registry tweak that will cause the pop up advisory to display above the task bar, as from what I presume you are saying yours displays below it?

Although I have been taught this stuff in school, I would have to know exactly what registry key the program created in order to know which key to modify.

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