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Running Windows XP service pack 3.....my computer has stopped recognising my two cd/dvd drives (usually drives d and e). It recognises C and various card readers and it will try to boot from the cd drive if a disk is installed on startup. Can also put a disk in when it's on so there's power there but Explorer etc. won't find it.

When Windows gets going a 'trayapp' (or similar) box appears asking for location of software/browse etc., something to do with ?.msi files.....and it's very hard to get rid of it, usually use ctrl-alt-del. So it works, just can't use disks.

Your thoughts please!

Please...post the exact detail for any onscreen message that you want members to attempt to interpret...inexact refererences are not doing any of us or yourself any favors...there are thousands of various messages that may appear and it's important to try to interpret the one you actually receive.

It's also important to note the exact circumstances under which such message appears.

When Windows starts up a box appears with 'TrayApp. Please wait while Windows configures.....' (disappears quickly). Then another box opens up with 'TrayApp. The function (?) you are using is on a CD-Rom or other recordable media that is not available. Install the 'TrayApp' disk and check OK' There is also the 'use search/browse' thing in the same box that you get when searching for drivers. Pressing OK does nothing and it gets quite hard to get rid of the TrayApp box. Result is that my cd and dvd drives are still not being recognised.