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this problem seemed to start right after i decided to see what all the "F" keys did, so i pushed each one, 1-12.
this is with Vista in a Toshiba Satellite A305.
what happens is as i am typing an email, and i use "enter" to break a line of text, and start typing on the next line, certain letters just will not "type" a letter. the three letters it wont type when this happens is s, f, l ( in lower case) I can however type them in upper case when this happens. Now if i type f-s when this happens i get a box that say "you are about the throw away this message with sending it?"

it doesnt always do it when i am typing an email, not sure what triggers it to start behaving this way. i thought it was using the enter button to break a line of text and start on the next line, but not sure if that it is.

Does this happen only in e-mail or elsewhere as well, such as in a word or text document?

Have you tried rebooting the computer?

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Yes, so far i only notice it happening in hotmail, and yes i did do a reboot. i also edited my initial statement above to be more accurate.