View Full Version : Can't open JPEG or PSD files !?

I've been working on a design in Photoshop CS6. Then, tomorrow after that, suddenly i can't open any PSD or JPEG files, either with photoshop or any image viewer. All of my past psds/jpegs seems to have been corrupted, even the default Windows 7 wallpaper.

But, i can create a new psd/jpeg file with photoshop and they're perfectly fine.
Is this the work of some kind of virus? If there is anyone that could fix this, i would really appreciate that. Thank you very much.

Note : I have tried retrieving some psds and jpegs with recovery tools, and they fix nothing.
Also, PNG and PDF works fine prior and after. I am very confused...

Problems & Behaviours :
- Can't open any jpeg and psd made prior to the incident, even AI files doesn't work.
- They can't be opened by photoshop or any image viewer/editor.
- So far png, pdf, gif, icons works perfectly fine, dunno why
- All of my jpegs/psds seems to have been modified by "something" at the same day and the same interval time, it shows in "date modified" properties
- After i restart the laptop, i'm still able to open the new psds/jpegs i created after the incident
- Jpegs and psds in zips/rars are completely safe.
- No virus popups like in cryptorbit-lock virus

I would take a look at the file association...maybe just even create a new one for the types of files mentioned.

Anytime an error mentions "corruption"...first thing I think of is reinstalling the program and running the chkdsk /r command...to be followed (possibly) by running the sfc /scannow command.

When you said you had no System Restore do you mean you disabled it? If your right click one of your jpg files and select Properties are there any dates under the Previous Version tab?