View Full Version : Dual Monitor Setup?

I have a couple of questions about a dual monitor setup.

I have one monitor and one TV I use as sort of a second monitor I can drag stuff to and watch etc. Though I have a couple of problems.

Im worried that having in turned on it will decrease my performance in games. Anyone know if this is true? I do find some fps lag in games, but I'm not sure whats causing it.

Second, when I turn the TV off, it still opens tabs, internet and so forth on to it, even though it should be cut off. I don't want to take the cable out, as I would have to set it up and every thing again. Im pretty sure my monitor is set as the first screen. Can anyone help me out here?

You guys are real helpful.


I am not exactly sure how to solve the second problem as I do not run a multi monitor setup myself.

The answer to you first question is yes, it does decrease performance. It puts more stress on your gpu to push out those extra pixels, as well as taking up more system resources if you are in the habit of running multiple programs at once.

I hope in the future your experience on the forum will be more helpful than this one.

A tip from someone on the chat: hold the windows key and press p to cycle through the different display modes. one of them will say "computer only", that is the one you want to use when the tv is off, and you want to use "extend" when the tv is on.

All credit for this answer goes to Mous.