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I'm seeing quite a few Windows 8 computers that spontaneously lose hardware devices. They'll still be there in device manager, usually with a "problem". I've seen it with WLAN adapters about half a dozen times and once with an audio adapter. The issue always persists across reboots.

It's solveable by deleting the offending hardware item in device manager (without removing the driver software) and then scanning for hardware changes, upon which the device magically reappears in a working state. I'm not sure if a reboot is sometimes needed, it certainly isn't always needed.

I showed one person who is seeing it every couple of weeks, but he managed to delete the driver software as well so I'm looking for a better solution. Anyone else seen this behaviour, and does anyone know what might cause it and how to stop it happening?

Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere - I couldn't find anything relevant with a search.

Hi Phil McCavity http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png

Let's take a look at what devices are currently in error right now in the Device Manager.

Thanks for replying. This isn't a problem that's right in front of me now - it's more a general thing that I've been seeing on about a fortnightly basis for a couple of months or more. Major nuisance value though - if it's somebody's network adapter that goes out then it needs a site visit to do a 2-minute job.

What I want to do is to see which device(s) is/are in error, and instead of making Windows reinstall the drivers by itself, we'll download the drivers from your laptop/computer manufacturer website and install them the right way (with the software, if it comes with one). This way, we'll see if the driver "sticks" or not.

Cool - thanks. Next time it crops up I'll do this. I've got one client who's had it twice in 2 weeks so hopefully it won;t take too long.