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I couldnt find a video converter in which we can convert any video to any format of any cell phone
i tried x media recode but its super lagging on my pc
and others dont have many options for cell

Hey Av_Crazy have you tryed looking in the Best Free Audio / Video Format Conversion Program
(http://www.techsupportalert.com/best-free-audio-video-format-conversion-program.htm) review?

I personaly love the iwisoft video/audio conversion tool which supports alot of formats optimized for cell phones. all of the maine cell phone brands are supported.

Yes i have it installed on my pc...its excellent if i want to convert videos for my pc ..it didnt fullfil my need for conerting for a cell format..and not all phones are listed..no nokia..
i want exclusively for cell

Which format do you want the video to be converted to?

Earlier 3gp was widely in use for cell phones. Nowadays, I think most cell phones use the MP4 format, which is widely in use on other portable devices too. Most of the video converters allow conversion to MP4.

You can look at the properties of the video file required for your cell phone, and then you can customize the settings in the video converter to convert the video to required format.

You can try the Videora site. On its main page, you will see that it offers support for many mobiles, and portable devices. I hope you can find something of use there.

Joe A.TT
I tried miro...its very slow
abc looks too old..there hasnt been any development
pazera is for 3gp..all new cells now support mp4 so i was looking for mp4

im looking into videora now