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I would recommend a Panasonic FZ200, a bridge camera with constant f 2.8 aperture.
The lens is not detachable but I'm not sure they wouldn't call it a pro camera since it vaguely resembles a DSLR.

Well they said no cameras with detachable lens but to them they may think it looks a little like a pro camera because all they see are cell phone cameras...lol Thanks i'll look into it and try to check with the place the concerts at...thanks again

I shoot concerts often and when I do I use my nikon d750. But i just bought a micro 4/3 system and a 60mm 2.8 lens (which is equivelent to 120mm) for the purpose of shooting concerts when I am a patron. Even thought the lenses are interchangable, the camera is really small and when I have the kit lens on or the 25mm on, it really doesn't look like an interchangeable lens system. I figure I will just stash the extra lenses in my pockebook. Just a thought...mirrorless small camera?

Why don't you simply contact the venue/band before the gig? Most of the time they'll let you bring your good stuff to take photos.