View Full Version : HTML 5 Video on BBC for iOS Devices

Hi everyone, today the BBC has updated the health section of BBC news, bbc.co.uk/news/health to include HTML 5 video so anyone with iOS devices can play video. It will go live to the entire site in time, so if you have an ipod, ipad or iphone, could you go on the health section of the site and play a video. Any feedback on issues would be appreciated with what device you are using.

Super! And about time too! Worked a treat for me just now (iPhone 4). Any idea when it will be rolled out to the rest of the BBC news site?

Not connected to WiFi atm and it’s telling me that it’s not available over 3G, but that’s still great news!

Ahh good stuff! I’m loving the emergence of all this HTML5 stuff. I’m personally an Android user but still follow this whole Flash/iPhone stuff. On the one hand, I hate that Apple didn’t include it in iOS, simply because it stifles expression among developers who use that platform.
Though if it encourages content providers to start dishing out HTML5, and eventually ditching Flash on big websites like the BBC, then this is GREAT news for the open web as a whole!

That’s pretty awesome