View Full Version : What messaging app do you use?

Just wondering what apps you guys use for messaging? Do you still solely use SMS/MMS, or have you started using an app to augment it? Have the iOS folks embraced iMessage as their sole messenger, or does cross platform support come into play?
For me personally, I tend to use two (although I have many more installed) — Facebook Messenger and Google+ Messenger.
To be honest, I don't even particularly Facebook Messenger (missing delivery notifications is my main issue), but it's the only one where I can actually talk to friends. Google+ Messenger then is used rarely, and usually for talking with people I don't actually know in real life.
What's your favourite, and why?
EDIT: Oh look, you actually can edit posts. Sweet! I forgot to mention I'm a pretty heavy user of GTalk too. I just tend to think of that as IM, and the others as messaging apps. I know there isn't really much difference, but yeah, I'm just strange like that.

Right now my messaging time seems to be something of a 50/50 split between iMessage and Whatsapp. I love iMessage’s deep integration with the native iPhone messaging client, and the way it’s almost completely invisible in every day use. Whatsapp seems to be where all my non iPhone owning friends are, and I think the iPhone client is pretty slick, with all the usual goodies like delivery/read receipts and typing indication. The ability to set your own background picture for chat threads is a nice touch as well.

gotta agree with the whatapp. for a cross platform messaging app, it is the best around.
Its a shame it isnt on webOS :(

I try to use iMessage whenever possible but find it inconvenient to type on the phone when I am at the computer. Most of my frequent contacts are on gtalk so that’s what I use most on the computer. I will also use skype and facebook for contacts that use this.

Still wishing for an industry standard that would allow me to post to a person and then just have the system route it to that user’s preferred messaging system.