View Full Version : What makes Gmail so great?

I was always wondering, why everyone in tech is so excited about Gmail? I am a user of Yahoo! and I was thinking, why don't you just ask The Verge? So let your creativity fly and tell us, what makes Gmail the best E-Mail client on earth.
The answer, that everyone will be thinking of is: Conversations. Of course, bundling messages into threads can be helpful, but I think that there are bad parts of Gmail as well. The whole starring, flagging, threading and sorting stuff is really annoying. Who wants to spend time sorting their E-Mail? I just use the search function and I didn't get the whole concept of the priority inbox. It is bugging me, just like the new newsstream on Facebook. I like to get everything chronological, just to be sure I didn't miss anything.

Having had my primary personal email accounts with Hotmail back in the late 90’s, Yahoo throughout most of the 2000’s and now Gmail, it’s all about the simplicity.
It seems as if the older these web-based email services get, the more bloat they bolt on at the expense of usability. The current Hotmail interface is a complete usability clusterfrick and Yahoo’s latest mail redesign is essentially a bug-ridden beta right now. I hope Gmail doesn’t fall into that trap.

I don’t flag, star, or use the priority inbox, but I prefer the layout of Gmail to Yahoo and everyone else for the most part. Sorting is great though because I can apply filters to mail as it comes in to the inbox. Like when I buy a game on Steam I usually get two emails, one from PayPal and one from Valve. Instead of deleting them or even opening them, I can have them filtered away into Receipts and have labels applied for future reference of what I bought on Steam or my spending in PayPal.
I also have my school email linked so that everything is tagged to that. I just find it great for organization and for looking back.
The last email service I used properly was Hotmail and that was just awful to me after awhile…