View Full Version : What developing tools do you use?

I was just wondering the once that are developing apps for any platform out there, What kind of developing tools do you use.
Personally I use Apple Xcode, Love, mostly that how I fell in love with developing apps. I am open to any other developing tools, I do not want to hear anything about Microsoft developing tools, do not take this personally but I am an anti Microsoft person. Just let me know in the comment below about the question I am asking you, Please and thank-you.

I’ve used Xcode, but lately I’ve been checking out Corona (and Chocolat for writing code) for mobile games development.

I’ve just recently downloaded xcode and geektoole and learning through tuts on the internet. Reminds me of when I first downloaded photoshop for a forum years ago.

I have’t really gotten into iOS apps since I’m still just learning about it but for Wp7 I’m sure it’s a no brainer that I use Visual Studio. And for Android I like messing wiht Eclipse. I like Visual Studio much easier (mostly because of the GUI building). With Web Devlopement I love using Notepad++ for CSS/ HTML / Javascript. For general Java I like using Netbeans.

I use xcode every day although lately it’s going a huge mess, Apple seem to be running it into the ground. Notepad++ is probably the best html/css/javascript editor I use and not so much a development tool but transmit has to be one of the greatest ftp client out there.