View Full Version : Need help finding a web-based data management software for Engineering Company

I was hoping some fellow engineers, civil, environmental, etc (or whomever) could point me in the right direction in helping me find a web-based application that can create and manage contacts, create project numbers that can track billable hours, expenses etc, that we can then turn into invoices.

We tried using BQE Engineering Office http://www.bqe.com/ProductOverview.asp?prodId=EO but our old SQL database did not integrate well and quite frankly their tech support was not helpful either, but that's a whole different story.

So if you any has any ideas, because we are thinking of getting someone in here to create a custom database, please share.


Forgot to add. anyone have any experience with Imagetrend? http://www.imagetrend.com/products/data-management-systems

We have used ZOHO it is far more generalized then what you’re asking for, but served us pretty well. It sounds like you want a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) / PMS (Project Management System). I particularly liked their integration with Google Apps. So we could setup and manage all of our accounts through Google Apps, it is much easier for a small business.