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Ive tweaked my CV (by tweaked I mean scrapped and re-designed) and written myself a really good covering letter then emailed it to a handful of creative agencies and a few recruiters. Within 10 mins I had a phone call asking if Id be interested in applying for a Senior Design position?.. 5 mins later I had another call from a completely different agency asking if Id like to apply for the very same Senior Design position.

I assumed the first agency had it wrong and I'd never hear anything else but when I questioned it with the second agency, they confirmed that my CV and experience meets almost all of the employers requirements!?

I don't really understand whats going on? Ive been for job interviews in the past where they've advertised for a junior but really wanted a mid weight but never the other way round! Assuming I do indeed get an interview should I go into this cautiously or should I swat up and try to hit the ground running?

literally as I type this, Ive just had ANOTHER call from another agency for this same role again!! :icon_eek:

Ello! What is your experience? How long have you worked in the industry, and how big is the company offering the job?

3 years since I graduated. been working in print & design for print for nearly 8 years. company employs 100 people.

Going on that I have nowhere near enough experience to be a proper senior designer (and I know it)! These agencies are all very sure I am right for the job which is the really confusing bit.