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I just reloaded GIMP and two windows open. The tool bar on the left and a big window that looks to be layers pictures in the top left hand corner. I click the closed button thinking I was closing GIMP but the tool bar stayed. How do I bring this window back?

And another stupid question, what is that window used for? When I load an image it opens in another window not the big one.

Thanks for the Help, great site.

I have the same problem! I closed that window like the second time I used GIMP and haven't found a way to get it back. From what I remember, it is for, as you said, easily organizing the layers and such.

Then how do you open the big layer window. It is the big window when you first load Gimp. I know I am reasking the question but it has been a while since I reposted it.

I Got the Gimp a while back, have never bothered to try to use it yet, but when I do I'll look here to see if I can make any sense of it. I also have "baby Gimp" and it looks no less confusing as well http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/blink.gif

Its quite easy...

File->dialogs->create new dock -> layers, channels, and paths.

Then resize the window to your liking.

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