View Full Version : Facebook buys WhatsApp, how does this work?

Ok so Facebook just announced they bought WhatsApp. Interesting. But how does this turn a profit? Instagram doesn't run ads as far as I can tell and Facebook had an IPO of $100 billion. Where did they get the money and how will they make it back?

This just blows my mind. Thoughts?

Itís more like FB will build up a user profile based on chats (interests, brands, etc) and correlate it to FBs database to harass users with targeted ads.

Well, Iím abandoning ship to Telegram Messenger. It has een open API (works on all platforms incl desktop), is secure (encrypted), fast as lightning and is pretty much feature complete (like Whatsapp). Bonus: their iPhone app is gorgeous >> https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/telegram-messenger/id686449807?ls=1&mt=8