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Using Windows XP I took my pics off a floppy and want them to go onto CD and it said they were waiting to be written to CD and then I lost it I wanted to have these because my new computer doesn't have a floppy drive. How can I get them onto the cd? Tomatobug

Do you remember the name of at least one of the photos? If so, open up windows explorer, click on search then type in "*photoname" (without the " " quotes) where as photoname would be the name of the photo. Be sure to have the * in there, as that will find everything that has that name in it (like if you searched for *easter, it would find any files that had any combination of easter in it, such as a file named "east"). Also, don't search for just "pictures, music and video", click on "all files and folders".

As you have been told that the files are waiting to be written to the CD, you should be able to simply open your CD drive and see them waiting for a click on 'write these files'.

Neither of these worked Tbug

If an all inclusive search (*name) didn't work, and you know for a fact that you had the right file name, then chances are that they're not on the computer anywhere. Did you select "my computer" as the place to search? I know that I've searched for things in my external drive when I meant to do it on one of my internal drives! http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/blink.gif