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I was having computer problems virus,slow running,ect any way I had the hard drive reformatted and lost my old Photoshop program.I am not sure what version it was thats where you come in. When I got my computer back the repair person added the compleat Photoshop progarm,I am not familiar with this version and am not able to use it the way I could the old program I had. The program I had would open with 2 choices organize and something elae I never used the second so I am not sure what it was,after I would open the organize the photoshop would know when I had new pics and would load them into the program,after that there 5 choices to fix the pic.contrast ,brightness,and a few others, With this new program I cant figure out how to do any of this.If any one can tell me what program this is and if I can find it for free that would be great.I have a crappy phone camera that I used this program to fix the pics with. I know that this photoshop program is great and all but I have no use for any of that if I can find the other program,if there is a way to set this program up like the last one I had I would be happy with that I just need something that fixes pics like photoshop is easy to set up and use and free if possable. If you can help me out with the right name of the photoshop or a program that will do the same thing and also let me look at the pics at 1600 times the screen res like photoshop I would be a happy guy. I hope you dont need much info on my computer I am running windows 7 i3 intel chip asus 17in laptop. any other info you need please ask.

Adobe Photoshop CS 6 , is better then othen old and new versions. its usages is same like older version.