View Full Version : Lost Photoshop images after reinstalling windows

There once again everyone, and thanks in advance. I had a customer with a raid-0 array on a Win7 Ultimate box. He had roughly 30 gigs of Extremely important pictures on the drive, Unfortunately he didn't recall them being there until a new OS was re-installed. That's when we got the machine.

I've been able to recover roughly 75% of the pics through various recovery tools. Problem is that when I'm viewing these pics within a folder in thumbnail view they look fine (most anyway, some are jumbled, like the head on the feet of a person, and the sky on the bottom and the ocean on top) when i attempt to open the pics through ALL programs from coral to Adobe Photoshop I get an initial error of File is damaged, could be truncated or incomplete when using adobe photo shop, and pretty much the same thing within all the other programs. Another oddity is that when these pics came back in the recovery they came back within the Recovered Jpeg folder, but when actually recovering and copying to a folder windows states that they were GIF.

I changed the files type from gif to JPEG and anything else i could think of with the same result, I did try PIXRECOVERY demo witch i believe it fixed 1 of about 15 i tried but the demo has a big black box in the middle. What do you think?

Tough problem. First of all, since you said Raid 0, you are retrieving data across a drive array, yes? Because RAID 0 is really no protection against failure, because there's no redundant data - it's just split into different drives in the array. So if you are trying to get all the data from a single drive, it may not all be there.

Last, some times the file can be opened in a text editor or a Hex editor, and the data stream altered slightly, allowing them to be opened with a graphics program. However, if there is a lot of information missing from the files, it is impossible to fully recover the images.