View Full Version : Scrolling through photos from different cameras?

I have a very annoying problem and I suspect there is an easy solution, but I can't seem to work it out!

I have recently been on holiday and took lots of photos on 3 different cameras - mine, my partners and my mobile phone. I have put all the photos in a single folder and now want to go through and view them and delete duplicates etc. The problem is when I open up an image (in Microsoft Office 2010, Windows Live Photo Gallery or Windows Photo Viewer), and press the arrow to move to the next photo, it only cycles through photos taken by the same camera as the original photo I opened. I can't find a way to scroll through all the photos regardless of the camera they were taken on.

I'd prefer to not download any more software if it all possible, is there an easy way around this? I've tried assigning tags but that doesn't work either.

I have just tried to duplicate this problem and failed. I created a temporary folder in our personal photo collection and copied three photos taken with my wife's Canon and three taken with my Nikon and both Office Picture viewer and the Windows picture viewer allowed me to scan through all six, as of course does Irfanview, my default image viewer.

If all your photos are in the 'All photos' folder I am not sure what the problem is, or rather I cannot understand why you can't scroll through them all. If your folder structure is similar to my second line, then your photos are not all in the same folder, but rather in three different ones which would explain it..