View Full Version : Recommendations for photo-editing software?

I had planned on using Photoshop CS3, but even after all this time I find the price ($900) is still out of reach, so would like to hear alternatives. I had seen on some TV show about this artist in New York that takes famous paintings like Whistler's Mother, removes the face, and replaces it with his dogs' face.

This is my main objective for the software. I will be fooling around with GIMP on Linux, but would like something for my XP Pro.

Someone told me about Paint.Net, but I found out it requires .NET Framework, so that will not work. Any ideas of a software that will do what I need done, work on XP Pro, and not require the .NET bloatware?

The best information I have is that GIMP is available and will happily run on XP SP3, so why not try it on your XP machine if you already have some familiarity with it ?

There is also the image processor built into Windows - MS Paint. It is fairly basic but with patience and determination it is surprising what can be done with it. If you have never come across it before it lives in the 'Accessories' folder.

A commercial product you might like to look at is Serif's PhotoPlus. It has been described as having 98% of the functionality of Photoshop for about 30% of the price. I have used it as my main image editing software for a number of years now.