View Full Version : Converting photos sent by email from an I-Pad so that I can save and use them

Both my daughter and my wife's sister regularly send me emails with photos taken on their I-Pads, which I have so far been unable to 'copy and paste' into my pictures folder. I am using Windows 7, in case this makes any difference to replies. Any help would be appreciated.

I'm not at all familiar with IPad but a couple of things to consider:

Have you tried Right clicking on the image and selecting Save Picture As ? At that point, you can see the file name. What is the extension of the file; ie .jpg, .png, .bmp?

Are the images coming through your email as Attachments or Inserted into the body of the email itself?

Which email app \ service do you use?


Are the files in raw format? See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raw_image_format for more info.

What format/file extension is used on these photos?


In reply to Rosie's comments. The images are coming through as part of the email and not as an attachment. My email comes through Microsoft Office Outlook. It is not possible for me to right click and save as this option is not avaialble. Copy appears to be available but when I use this it is not possible to Paste as this option is grayed out when I try to use it in Pictures.

In reply to Louis. The file format is not shown and I have been unable to find out what it is. It is almost certainly an Apple format as the images are being sent from an I-Pad.


In Win7, when you R/click on the picture, you should get a drop down menu, in that menu, L/click on "view image info" and you should get a window that tells you the file type, size, etc.
In that window L/click "save as", and select where you want to save it.
PS. Also in that same drop down menu, there should be a "save image as" command that should work the same way.