View Full Version : New PS4 shipments Mid- to Late- February!

I saw some PS4s at a local Best Buy over the weekend, but don’t know how long they were available for as I haven’t had a chance to go back.

For some reason I feel like Sony only gives retailers like 4 PS4s per shipment so that they can keep milking this “Look how great our sales are doing! PS4 is still sold out everywhere story.” C’mon son, no company in the world is this bad with supply and demand.

The original Wii went easily a year and a half, maybe two like this.

I reserved one with the Gamestop “pickup@store” and got a confirmation email shortly after. I trekked down after work only to have them say ‘yeah we sold them all’. So I asked what was the point of the reservation system was and then left. I tweeted at gamestop and after filling out a form online got an email from the Brooklyn regional manager to call him. Long story short, I went back, ordered one to be delivered and got AC4 for free (free game of my choosing).
Ended up having to wait a little longer but got one.

Just ordered mine from Amazon (new for $399, sold by Amazon not a third party). Cannot wait!