View Full Version : how do you determine a good player?

Everyone is a hacker, or a noob..simple :)

How many civilians they shoot in the airport level.
Did I misunderstand the question?

I’ve seen people with very high W/L ratios because they’ll throw themselves at the objective and the direct opposite: that one person who won’t go near the objective because it might hurt their K/D. I don’t checkSPM, either. My idea of a good player is someone who can consistently hold their own, regardless of whether they win or lose. You can dominate in a match and then do terribly in the next. You might look good in the first match, but in the second that comes right down.

To back my point up: I went 50-15 with the MP44 on Wetwork TDM in CoD4, then 42-9 on Overgrown using a Colt M1911. If I stop right there I sound like some kind of above-average player. I then came bottom of the team for four or five games. Consistency is the mark of a truly good player, rather than being in a zen moment where everything works out for a game or two.

Im that way too, i’ll go like 40-10 in two straight than i get put a bad team who dont play the objective and than i go bad because the other team holds map advantage or my aim just goes to shit for some reason and i cant hit a brick wall from an inch away