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War Thunder isn’t a flight simulator. The controls are very much dumbed down and arcade-like. It’s like comparing Need for Speed Rivals to Assetto Corsa.

Someone hasn’t tried full realism battles yet…

Is Sturmovik series still consider the best WW2 games?

It depends whether you’re after a “civil” flight simulation experience, or you’re searching for a war/combat flight simulation.
In the first case, your choice is limited to a couple of products, Flight Simulator from MS or X-Plane.
Out of those two, only X-Plane is still supported and commercially available, given MS has stopped development on Flight Simulator X in 2011/12 (you can still find used copied of FSX though).
That said, I would still recommend Flight Simulator X or 2004 over X-Plane if you’re into complex simulation, given the much greater support from 3rd party software for the MS product. X-Plane has a better flight dynamic model possibly, but the difference is negligible in the majority of situation, whereas the availability of add-on is much bigger on Flight Simulator platform.
There’s also a free online Flight Simulator option available now from MS, that provides one plane and one scenery only, whereas other planes and scenery are available to buy. The flight dynamics and controls are similar to those in FSX so you can give it a try for free if interested. But I would still recommend to go back to FSX or 2004.
Between those two, FSX is a better option IMO due to a better graphic engine, support for DirectX 10 and generally more options/missions. The only reason to prefer 2004 is if you’re a flight simulator veteran with a lot of 3rd party add-ons and custom modification specially designed/made for 2004, since FSX broke up some compatibilities with FS2004 and due to that part of the community preferred to stick with the older version. If you’re new to the world though, I would definitely suggest you to go with FSX, specially because 3rd party add-on available to buy today are mainly for FSX.
If you’re after a Combat Flight Simulator, then the choice is much bigger and it really depends on which kind of experience you would like to try, i.e. something old stile like the II world war fighters simulators or modern combat simulation.
Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator isn’t bad at it’s one of the rare options trying to give you access to different ages and combat scenarios, but it falls short as a war game IMO. It’s still a flight simulator foremost.
If you like 2nd world war, I could suggest you to give a try to something like IL-2 Sturmovik, definitely one of the best IMO. I tried it briefly years ago, but it looked really good.
If you want modern jet flight instead, there are a lot of combat flight games, but mostly arcade styled. The best of the breed it’s still IMO Falcon 4.0, a massive F16 flight combat simulator developed in the ‘98 by Microprose. If you want the best, that’s it, but be prepared to a very difficult game, especially if you decide to go on the total simulation settings. It’s a simulation more than a game, from preparing your own mission debriefing to the flight experience
TL:DR Microsoft FLight Simulator X for real simulation (or X-Plane)
Falcon 4.0 or IL-2 Sturmovik for Flight Combat Simulation

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