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And what about all the games that currently use the Gamepad? Games like Rayman Legends or Super Mario 3D World have entire levels that require the use of the Gamepad.
Doesn’t make sense.

You have a point, although I never thought that game-pad made sense. They’ve committed to that controller and can’t just turn back now without losing all the games built just for it.

Well for e.g. Zombie U instead of having your Backpack of items or a Keypad to enter door codes, there could be a downloaded patch to have a button/trigger to engage a small window to the right (On the tv) where u could quickly go though item or use a keypad etc, using the right analog stick. But of course this will be left up to developers, although Nintendo could have patches done day one with launch.

o. Nintendo needs to just accept bad console sales for the next two or three years while they work on the following:

Finally build a legitimate social network. Miiverse is great, so build it on top of that. They key is that having friends should work the same way it does on Xbox Live or PSN.
Put Nintendo ID’s and purchases in the cloud. No more tying friends and games to specific consoles. Friends should travel with me to any console I sign in on. Same story for eShop purchases.
Completely unify the Wii U and 3DS Virtual Console libraries. Merging wallets is good, but if I buy Super Mario World on the Wii U Virtual Console, I should also be able to play it on my 3DS.
Introduce an achievements and gamerscore system. And it should go without saying, that it should link both Wii U and 3DS achievements to the same Nintendo ID.

No. The PlayStation 3/4 & PSVita model works because Sony is lazy and barely develops games for their handhelds. The DS and 3DS have sold well because of the unique and great games they bring to the table.
No on the Cross-Platform releases as well. Games like Assassins Creed / etc. are already coming out on PS3/x360, x1/PS4/PC…why would I want it on another console?