View Full Version : I wish the PS4 Install Process was more like the Xbox...

that’s not a technical limitation – they just haven’t full implemented it yet
PS4 installs copy everything to the HDD as well so the disk is just for DRM and maybe bandwidth boosting if it comes to that

Sell it back where? You still can’t play without the disc

You can play without the disc if you pay for the digital license.
If i buy a Dead Rising 3 Xbox One retail disc for $59.99, I can copy it, sell it off to a friend for $54.99 and go right round and buy the digital version for a $5 loss. Or I can wait until someone I know buys it, then I borrow it, copy it and then buy the license off the Xbox store.
There’s no indication that Sony’s implementation will ever mirror this model.
I recognize this isn’t a problem that will be shared by many here, but so many PS4 games are >30 GB in size. That’s nearly $80 in data costs for me to download that, before you factor in the cost of the game itself.

Wait, so you’re ultimately complaining that the mandatory installs aren’t mandatory enough? These mandatory installs need to do the exact opposite: go away. I will likely be getting a PS4 within the next year, but any multiplats I buy will undoubtably be for Wii U because of exactly this – when I put the disc in the console, I want to play it, not wait an hour. If I wanted to wait I would’ve just downloaded it.